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Effective Brief Writing and Oral Advocacy, from Federal Appellate Practice

BNA has made available for use by law school moot court and legal writing and research programs, at no charge, two chapters from this new treatise published by BNA.

These chapters, "Effective Brief Writing” and “Oral Argument," serve as a valuable introduction to persuasive writing and appellate advocacy in federal courts, and thus are helpful in preparation for writing briefs and presenting oral arguments. Topics covered include the goal of brief writing and the importance of story telling, the organization of the brief, the importance of oral argument, and typical mechanics and courtroom logistics. Legal writing faculty and moot court program organizers are encouraged to distribute these two handouts as supplements to existing resources, or to inform participants of this site, from which files may be printed out. Students should consult their individual law school instructor or competition moot court rules for information specific to their assignment.

The pdf files below may be downloaded and printed out without charge by law school faculty, librarians, moot court program administrators, and law students for legal research and writing or moot court purposes only. For other uses, authorization to print out copies for internal or personal use, or the internal or personal use of specific clients, is granted by BNA Books, for libraries and other users registered with the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) provided that the appropriate fees are paid directly to CCC, (978) 750-8400,, ISBN: 978-1-57018-669-1. Users not registered with the Copyright Clearance Center should contact BNA Books at concerning reprint permissions and related charges. Information on purchasing the book for personal or class use can be found at

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